Why I'm so passionate about sharing Paisley with the WORLD!

What is Quill POWER?

It's the POWER of knowing your own worth, even when it feels as though you are not being appreciated, accepted or seen! Paisley's Last Quill will tell the story of what happens to a little porcupine when she gives everything away ... and then has the courage to take her POWER back!

My Motivation for Writing Paisley

Ever since I was a little girl, I was picked on for being just like Shirley Temple! I was bubbly, skipping all the time and made friends with everyone. Yet, I was different. My dad told me this story: When I was around seven, a blind man came to eat dinner with my family. I took him by the hand and talked with him as if he could see everything. 

As I grew, it quickly became apparent that being pollyanna-ish was not a good idea. If I could have, I would have given everyone a smile. Other kids picked on me because of my blatant innocence and sensitivity to others. 

Over the years, as I climbed the corporate ladder, I became bitter and unrecognizable to myself. "I'll show them," was my mantra. And, boy did I succeed. Beyond my wildest dreams. Yet, the little girl in me was more interested in being appreciated and accepted, so I'd give away all of my ideas for a few crumbs. I GAVE AWAY ALL OF MY QUILLS... except for one.

So, what was the QUILL that saved me? It was my IMAGINATION! My essence and bubbling-over -creativity screamed to be expressed! Here's a little secret, when you read Paisley's Last Quill, it is my autobiography. Writing this book is like having the opportunity to tell every little girl to embrace her love of life and people!

Paisley's Last Quill is not JUST a book ... it's my HEART!