Deborah Weed has the unique ability of transforming the lives of those around her! She is warm, compassionate, and possesses the unique ability to connect with others in such a way that all psychological and emotional barriers are cleared from ones path. Among her many gifts: creativity, intelligence, innocence and wisdom, and a level of empathic atunement that makes one feel fully embraced by her love and presence. I am so fortunate to know her, and am thrilled to know she will have the opportunity to further express these gifts and continue to inspire others.
~ Peggy Mustelier, PsyD, Clinical Psychologist

I am so thrilled to call Deborah a friend. We met by chance and became fast friends. I was going through a rough patch in life and Deborah became like my earth angel... picked perfectly for me by God. Her ability to help me sort through some very tough stuff happened because she was a safe place for me to share my secrets. She's clearly here to be a light to the world. Her words were always timely and sprinkled with love. If you ever get to know Deborah as I have, you will experience the highest form of wisdom, compassion, honesty and love from one incredible being and one phenomenal soul.
~ Elizabeth M. Adams, Founder, Women Who Matter

One of the most prolific events of Ability Explosion was the exuberant performance of The Luckiest Penny by Deborah Weed. The story which examines individual self worth affects the sensibilities of everyone who can see and hear it.
~ David New, Ability Explosion President & Founder

The Luckiest Penny gives us all an opportunity to look at what we value about ourselves and others. It is an engaging story that encourages the conversation of self-worth and love.
~ Laura Duksta, Author, New York Times Bestseller, I Love You More

Here's a story that shares why we need to jump into life - Live Fabulous NOW!
~ Sandy Grason, Int'l Speaker, Author & Founder of the JOURNALUTION: Journaling to Awaken Your Inner Voice, Heal Your Life and Manifest Your Dreams

Deborah Weed is the poster woman for an individual who is one hundred percent non-judgmental and a conduit to helping         others realize their creative potential. She enthusiastically shares her boundless and contagious creative talents that become a catalyst for others, enabling them to see beyond their own horizons. Deborah is gifted with creativity and an energy that passes selflessly to those blessed enough to have an interaction with her. I feel truly fortunate to have met and experienced Deborah.
    ~ Tracey Ohara, Loving Life Yoga

I have been honored to work with Deborah Weed. Seldom in my life have I met a more inspiring and talented woman. I have seen her captivate an audience and I have been witness to her amazing creativity. Her resume includes working with Disney and Universal consultants and that says it all. She writes screenplays, children's books and plays, paints, writes music and is a motivational speaker. Looking to grow and change. Deborah can help you take that step
    ~ Ellen Brazer, Award winning author of Clouds Across the Sun and And So It Was Written

I love you and Paisley is so much a part of my everyday! She is my smile!

    ~ Wendy Unger, Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce: Leader, Membership Relations; Liaison, Education Council Liaison; Miami Beach Chamber - City of Miami Beach Health Care Task Force Liaison; Women's Business Roundtable

There are not enough accolades to explain Debbie Weed.  She is a most unusual person; I doubt you will find anyone like her.  Her magnetic personality draws you right in and conversation could go on forever.  Always enthusiastic about other peoples lives and interests.  She taps in to the best of you.
    ~ Mollie Prager

I feel lucky and grateful to have met Deborah. She has been there for me, listened, and shared her insights with love and honesty. Countless times speaking with Deborah has helped me see things differently and my life has been better because of that. Deborah uses her tools, knowledge, and sensitivity to help people get in touch with their true selves, gain confidence, and therefore be happier. Thank you Deborah for sharing your knowledge and your teachings with me, you are a kind and caring person.
    ~ Mariza Brussolo, Laughter Yoga

It was such a pleasure to have met you. You are such a sweet person. I had been looking so forward to the performance of The Luckiest Penny! I was also happy to be able to share it with my children and my husband. We had read the book prior to the performance and we were so happy to see it done live. The kids were even singing the song PEHEW! PEHEW! Whatta ya gonna do? On Monday after the show. I love the message of The Luckiest Penny and think that having it done live is a wonderful way to relay that message.
  ~ Shauna Smith

It was a joy hearing the words and music of The Luckiest Penny come to life at the New York Occupational Therapy Association Conference. The dialog between the two pennies was impeccable, and I did indeed have tears in my eyes by the end. The story line can speak to, and is inspiring for all ages. Now is a wonderful time to spread the joy of this play.
 ~ Melissa M. Caputo

I took my two daughters to see The Luckiest Penny musical, and they both enjoyed it immensely. The story taught them that it is okay to be different, and that being different is not necessarily a bad thing. My younger daughter stutters and sometimes she is teased at school. This story has made her open up about the self-esteem issues she has been experiencing. Once again, thank you for this experience.
 ~ Patsy Doris

After seeing The Luckiest Penny, I realized how simple , yet, how creative it was. Both the story and musical hold such a strong moral concept that should be instilled in all of us.
 ~ David Hering

One word, INSPIRATIONAL! When I first met you, it felt like I had known you for a few years. You brought me in like I was your best friend. The Luckiest Penny taught me that self-worth comes from the inside, that the adventures that you take is what creates your self-worth. The play was just as inspirational as you. I believe that this play needs to be shown everywhere possible, to every one of all backgrounds and ages. Everyone is worth something, and everyone is capable of believing that they are indeed a lucky penny!
 ~ Caitlin Cardone

I have two boys, one 22 and one 19 and although they are brothers, they are nothing alike. The older one likes to "experience life rather than "live" it like the younger one does. As the oldest child myself, I can totally relate to my older son, and of course, as a mother, I have wanted to make his journey a little bit smoother. He has chosen the rockier route! Lately, I have wanted to communicate to him, in a non-threatening way, how much I love and appreciate him, and let him know how special I think he is. During the book signing, I could feel all the love and compassion you have for life and others, and I could feel all the love well up in me that I have for my son. Hence, the inability to speak, the tears... so, thanks for sharing that moment with me and thank you for the beautiful message you wrote to my son.
 ~ L. E.

Seeing the play, The Luckiest Penny musical, made me feel warm inside. I was touched by Henry, who knew who he was and what he was "worth." What a positive message that was sent about the power of unconditional love. As a penny, he was so valued for his true self. I had tears in my eyes when Henry was embraced by someone who saw his inner beauty.
 ~ Bari Goroway

Thank you for writing such a heartfelt book and for helping turn it into an amazing musical for all to enjoy. I purchased a copy of your book for my niece and nephew and they love it. It was such a joy watching all the smiles on the faces of the audience and singing the songs from the plat all week long. I would love to help out on a campaign keeping the penny in circulation throughout our country.
 ~ Julie Chevola

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