Self-Worth Initiative
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Paisley's Last Quill
By Deborah Weed
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Meet PaisLey

Hi, my name is Deborah Weed and I’m the author and illustrator of Paisley’s Last Quill. It’s a book that helps girls discover the power of self-worth! Paisley is a wide-eyed, imaginative porcupine who dreams of being an animal fashion designer. She enters the back biting animal fashion world, using her quills like pins ~ to pin up the swaggerific creations for a bully fashion Diva. She gives up almost all of her quills, losing her self-confidence in the process. Until, with the help of one of the animal top models, Paisley learns to believe in herself!


Get FANTASTIC tools to help you boost your child’s self-worth and teach them about the world. As the Ambassador of QUILL POWER, Paisley wants to give you something of value to talk about! She’ll also give your children “QUILLS” so that they can stand up for themselves! SIGN UP TO GET YOUR FREE “QUILL!” Each QUILL has interactive activities to engage your kids!

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Here’s your opportunity to make self-worth FUN! Hold a Paisley Tea for your #girlsatheart from ages 3 - 103. You’ll start your FUN event with storytelling. There will be a Q & A to discover what they learned from Paisley’s journey. Then, your kids will be invited to create their own personal POWER QUILL! It symbolizes their inner strength and creative solutions. While the little ones are busy creating, it’s time for the parents and grandparents to have a wisdom sharing exchange! You’ll be able to share stories about the times in your lives that you gave your power away ~ and how you learned to believe in yourselves!

GET MORE INFO ~ paisley tea!

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It all started with a porcupine . . .

Paisley’s backstory . . .

In the very beginning, I saw a movie in my mind, of a little porcupine who is forced to give her quills ~ or protection away.

Paisley’s dream is to become a fashion designer. So she decorates her quills with flowers, leaves and the wonders of nature, rather than using the quills to keep herself safe. Because of this, she is a beacon to predators; they see her coming miles away. So, to her dismay (or delight), Paisley is banned to the animal Fashion Forest! It is a world of couture and splendor.

Yet, in the Fashion Forest, there lives a snarly Diva named Zavannah. She rules her fashion empire with a steely eye. Porcupines must use their quills as pins. So, rather than being able to express herself artistically, Paisley is forced to give up a very important part of herself: her quills/protection. Zavannah is the bully Diva who takes and takes and takes. Paisley must learn to believe in herself . . . before it’s too late.


My Dream . . .

There was a time in my life when I worked on a 26 million dollar Pavilion for KIA MOTORS, with Disney and Universal consultants. With an extensive entertainment and marketing background, I saw what was possible!

My dream is to turn Paisley into a full scale musical or animated movie ~ The Devil Wears Prada meets The Lion King. I am already working on the musical and assembling a team who can see my vision!

I grew up on musicals and know how memorable lyrics and music are. They stay with you for a lifetime. There is something about bringing a story to life that is exhilarating. I’ve already created a multitude of interactive musical productions! Join me on my journey to creating my OPUS!