There was a porcupine . . .

The Devil Wears Prada Meets The Lion King

Here's a sneak peek at her story...

Paisley, a wide-eyed, imaginative porcupine, dreams of being an animal fashion designer. She enters the backbiting animal fashion world, using her quills to pin up the swaggerific creations for a snarly fashion Diva. Overworked and down to her very last quill, can Paisley use her creative power to triumph? This whimsical picture book/brand celebrates imagination, originality and believing in oneself.


“Deborah Weed is a rare professional - with creative talents that are undergirded with an understanding of community building and messaging. She understands the links between audiences and art, and how each is enhanced by the other. Choosing children and families as her audience - with Paisley and several other projects over the past few years - she’s identified confidence-building as one of the most needed spaces to be addressed and filled that space with materials that are both enriching and empowering. I saw The Luckiest Penny and was transformed by it. And now, I’ve seen the raw creative material for Paisley. You can’t help but to want to see more. And as a former school-based educator, if I close my eyes, I can imagine the joy little (and not so little) girls will bring into Paisley’s world. I’m just wondering about Paisley’s torch song at the end of her musical (because I know that must be coming too . . .). Paisley and her friends are colorful and they have attitude. I can’t wait to hear them talk and sing.” ~ Deborah Briggs, Vice President for Arts, Culture and Community, The Betsy - South Beach

"Deborah Weed has a heart as big as her talent and she's masterfully woven them into Paisley's Last Quill! Her story and illustrations shine with the power of love, self-worth and inspiration.” ~Laura Duksta, Inspirational Speaker and Author New York Times bestseller I Love You More and I’ll Hug You More

“Deborah Weed, is about to inspire us with Paisley’s Last Quill. This story of a young porcupine's dream to be a fashion designer, is squashed at every turn by a fashion bully. The eye popping color and detail of each illustration is a delight to behold. Two “ gutsy gals" on a mission, both Deborah and her character Paisley, are all about self worth! “~ Deborah Hutchison, Founder Gutsy Gals Inspire Me!, Entrepreneur, Filmmaker, Speaker, Author

Deborah is an amazing heart centered creative spirit. Someone who’s mission it is to make a difference in the lives of young girls. I love Paisley’s story and all of Deborah’s beautiful products she is sharing with the world. As an author of a book on Self Love, this is near and dear to my heart! I applaud Deborah for using her many gifts to uplift and inspire young girls to fulfill their dreams. I am proud to be a Paisley Ambassador, to hold Deborah’s extraordinary vision of bringing Light and Empowerment to girls of all ages. ~ Cindy Paine, Author of Clear Connect Create: A Powerful Path to Self Love, Optimal Well-Being in The Face of Cancer, Personal Coach, Retreat Leader and Speaker

“Deborah’s illustrations are beyond words! They are captivating and stunning! They take you on a journey into a feel good fantasy land of fashion and beyond! Fashion is the mode in which Paisley’s story of self-worth is told, which is an easy topic to relate to. Fashion is relevant, pop-culture, creative and self expressive! A beautiful story in words and art! “~ Mary Canale Bruce, Owner, Envy of Palm Beach, Inc.

“In her beautifully illustrated book Paisley, Deborah Weed shares a powerful message of empowerment for females of all ages, especially young girls. For those who have given little parts of themselves away in life or hid their authentic beauty and self-expression from others, this book helps young girls understand that this never leads to a positive outcome. This book is a blessing to any female who reads it, encouraging them to stand in their own power and shine from within. No one should or can rob you of your True Self without your consent.” ~Robin Duncan, Miracles for Living & AIWP

"I am privileged to be a part of the Self-worth Initiative created by Deborah Weed. Deborah is a great visionary and a Great talent. She is the most creative individual I know and has a commitment to change the world through Paisley’s message. Thank you Deb for being a light on my path and for providing this important message of self-worth to children."~ Alexandra Scott, Business Strategist, Board Member, Healthegy, Inc., Angel Investor

“Deborah Weed is a creative artist designer and writer. She is working through her character Paisley and friends to help children develop self esteem, their own creativity and find their voices. I applaud her path!"~ Wendy Unger Schapira, Membership Director and Cosmic Connector, Miami Beach Chamber and Founder of Wendy's Angels Fund

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Paisley Tea!

Did You Know?

Did you know that girls bully each other in a different way than boys? According to research done by Lagerspetz, Bjorqvist and Peltonen at the University of Miami, when girls bully they use things like alienation, ostracism, deliberate and calculated exclusions and spreading of rumors to harass their peers.

One of the biggest reasons girls get bullied is because of what they are wearing ... not who they are!

Through Paisley's story, she endures all the ways in which girls are bullied. At first, she feels little and unworthy. Then, she discovers her true worth and wants to share that message with everyone who will listen!

Dorothy, from the Wizard of Oz shared: there is no place like home! Paisley shares believing in yourself is the most powerful thing you can do! These messages will live within our hearts ... forevermore.