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My mission is to empower people from 3 to 103 to have self-worth by instilling confidence, individuality, courage and creativity. I created the Self-worth Initiative, when I discovered that over 75% of all children have low self-esteem.  The vision is to combine entertainment with dynamic programs so that kids and the young at heart, will learn to believe in themselves. Making self-worth FUN is at the core of everything that I do!

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success stories

The Sticky Bun Bandits

The Sticky Ban Bandits was performed all over South Florida to rave reviews. Although at first glance, it was an interactive musical with rock-n-roll bandits, a rapping ant and a reggae dancing zebra, the reason that The Sticky Bun Bandits was created was to introduce young children to the concept of solutions. Because of that, it was a favorite production for schools, malls, festivals and hospitals.


The Luckiest Penny

The Luckiest Penny was performed in South Florida and New York. Although at first glance, it was an interactive musical about two 1943 pennies, here's how it was described, "The Luckiest Penny gives life, drama, comedy and unique personas to two rare copper pennies, who take us on a memorable, rollicking, hand slapping, singing and heartwarming  journey of positive self-esteem." The reason that The Luckiest Penny was created was to introduce young children to the concept of self-worth. If a penny can be worth $250,000, what are they really worth and why?

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Paisley’s Last Quill

Paisley's Last Quill is all about learning to believe in oneself! It is a story/brand about a spunky porcupine in the animal fashion world, who dreams of being a fashion designer. Yet, she has to use her protective quills as pins. Paisley goes on a hero's journey learning how to claim her creativity, confidence, and courage, after giving all of her power away. Or, in this instance, giving up all of her quills ... except for one. The reason that Paisley is important is because she can empower the next generation to celebrate their QUILL POWER!


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