Hello! My name is Deborah Weed. I want you to know how much you are worth. So, I’ve created books, brands, interactive musicals, and programs that are designed to be informative and entertaining.

Believe in yourself ~ it’s your Super Power.

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The Sticky Bun Bandits

The Sticky Ban Bandits was performed all over South Florida to rave reviews. Although at first glance it was an interactive musical with rock-n-roll bandits, a rapping ant and a reggae dancing zebra. The Sticky Bun Bandits introduces young children to the concept of solutions. Because of that, it was a favorite production for schools, malls, festivals and hospitals.

Sugar Coated Solutions!

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The Luckiest Penny

The Luckiest Penny was performed throughout South Florida and New York. Can you believe that a penny can be worth $1.7 million dollars? It’s TRUE! Follow along as Henry, a 1943, rare copper penny, learns how much he is worth and why!

Self-worth has no price tag!

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Paisley’s Last Quill

Paisley's Last Quill introduces us to Paisley. She’s the Ambassador of QUILL POWER! Paisley is a wide-eyed porcupine who dreams of becoming an animal fashion designer. Yet, she must use her protective quills as pins. Paisley goes on a hero's journey learning how to claim her creativity, confidence, and courage, after giving away all of her POWER!

Where there’s a quill, there’s a way!


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