Frequently asked questions

Q: How do you encourage my kids to have self-worth?

A: Through books, interactive musicals, innovative programs and activities.

Q: What makes you different than other educational programs?

A: We have over 20 years experience making self-worth FUN! We’ve performed interactive musicals to RAVE REVIEWS! Our books are entertaining and the characters are vibrant. The goal is to get your kids to share what they believe about themselves. It give you as parents, tremendous insight.

Q: What is QUILL POWER and why is Paisley the Ambassador for QUILL POWER?

A: Paisley is a porcupine who gives her quills away, hoping to be appreciated and celebrated for her talents and kindness. Instead, Paisley is bullied and taken advantage of. QUILL POWER is the ability to take ones POWER BACK! Since the story is targeted to mainly girls, this is a catch phrase to remind them to honor their worth. Especially since research shows that girls bully each other differently than boys.

Q: Tell me about The Sticky Bun Bandits and The Luckiest Penny. What made them so popular?

A: The Sticky Bun Bandits was like a ROCK OPERA for kids and their families. For years, it was performed all around South Florida and families LOVED IT! (Pre-internet) The music was catchy; the characters were imaginative and memorable, and it gave kids the opportunity to come up with solutions on their own! The Luckiest Penny was performed in South Florida and New York, mainly to the special needs community. It was the most innovative way to share why each person is worth so much. It opened up wonderful opportunities to celebrate different kinds of abilities.

Q: What is your goal with Paisley?

A: Paisley is my personal OPUS! Since I have already created and produced a multitude of interactive musicals, books and productions, my goal is to make Paisley a household brand. I see a full scale musical, animated film and merchandising in her future. Whether you are 3 yrs. old, or 103, we all need to be reminded to believe in ourselves. What better way than through the eyes of a porcupine pleaser, who must learn to celebrate her QUILL POWER! The characters are vibrant and memorable and the story is evergreen!

Q: What is your background?

A: I have over 40 years experience in marketing and entertainment. I’ve worked on a 26 million dollar pavilion for KIA Motors with Disney and Universal consultants; was the Director of Development for Citibank FL, 19 branches; created and produced a multitude of interactive productions for both adults and children; I’m an award-winning artist and author and I’m thrilled to take the leap into my newest career incarnation ~ to be an award winning children’s author and illustrator.

Q: What is your personal reason for creating Paisley?

A: I’ve been gifted with an ability to be very creative and openhearted. Over the years, I have given my own quills/power away. I had to learn how to honor and champion myself; not listen to the naysayers and discover how to share my talents where they are appreciated. There is a real art to this. Paisley is my way of championing the next generation of girls coming up. It is also a way to create a community of women to share their wisdom for self-empowerment, and to learn from each other.