Deborah Weed

Speaker ~ Whirlwind of Creativity

Producer ~ Writer ~ Illustrator

Makes Self-worth FUN!

Deborah's 30 years in the entertainment and marketing business was the catalyst for a bold new idea! What if she could write books, illustrate them, create and produce musicals, and develop programs that empowered children and their families to have FUN while learning about self-worth. She's done just that! Deborah is a creative whirlwind, motivator and self-worth ambassador. She is the Founder of the Self-worth Initiative, whose mission is to empower people to have self-worth by instilling confidence, individuality, courage, and creativity. Deborah blends her imagination with a vision to inspire others to believe in themselves.



A Bike & A Dream

When I was a Girl Scout, I wanted to win the pink bike with the pink and white dangles on the handlebar. Whoever sold the most boxes of cookies would get the bike. My dad came up with a plan. He asked me to hide a walkie talkie underneath my Girl Scout uniform. Together, we set up a table full of cookie boxes by the local grocery store. Dad sat in the car and watched as people walked by. He would say, "Hi. You in the red shirt, would you like two boxes of Girl Scout cookies, or four?"

The potential customer would hear a man's deep baritone voice, but see a smiling girl of ten. They'd look around, shake their head, then laugh. Needless to say, I sold the most Girl Scout cookies that year.

My prize: the pink bike with the white and pink dangles ~ and a hint on how my dad would teach me to think outside of the box.

This was just the beginning to creating a fusion between imagination and the unexpected! In a way, this showcases what the Self-worth Initiative does. It speaks to children on their level, translating complex concepts by making them FUN!